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The Mobridge Police Department understands that there are many people that collect law enforcement patches as a hobby. We understand that most people treat those patches and the agencies from which they come with respect by only displaying law enforcement patches in a collection.

However, we also understand that there are some people whom possess law enforcement patches with the intent to use them in a manner other than as a part of a patch collection.

The Mobridge Police Department takes Homeland Security and officer impersonation very seriously. Therefore, we have decided that we will not, under any circumstances, circulate our current in-use patch design to anyone but active members of our agency.

We have decided to make available our previously issued patch design, which is no longer in-use. This patch, which is pictured below, was utilized by the MPD from the 1970's thru the beginning of 2005. Again, due to Homeland Security and officer impersonation concerns, the purchase of this patch is restricted to members of law enforcement.

Law enforcement personnel wishing to purchase an MPD Collector Patch must send $5.00 (five dollars USD), a self addressed and postage paid envelope, and a patch request on your official agency letterhead to:


Your identity and employment status may be verified with your letterhead agency to determine if you are eligible to receive an MPD Collector Patch. Retired law enforcement personnel are eligible to make a patch request, but must still have a request on your former agency's letterhead with a sponsor signature by an active member of that agency.

Please do not email our department for patch requests. Your email requests will not be answered. We have received numerous requests by people and prefer not to email the above information to every individual, as it is time consuming for staff. This page was created to direct eligible collectors how to request and receive our MPD Collector Patch. Limit of 1 (one) patch per requestor.