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Mobridge Police Department


Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline


(605) 845-2255


The Mobridge Police Department, in association with West River Telecom, has implemented the Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline. This hotline has been created as a means to report criminal activity for those citizens in the community who wish to remain anonymous.

The Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline number, 845-CALL or (605) 845-2255, is designed to be utilized for NON-EMERGENCY criminal activity reporting only.


If you need to speak with a Communications Officer, please dial (605) 845-5000.

The Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline is an automated answering service. You will not be able to speak with a live person on the hotline. When calling the Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline, you may hear up to five rings before you are connected, so please do not hang up.

When leaving information on the Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline, please give as much detailed information as possible about the criminal activity you are reporting. This will assist officers in creating a better case file about the criminal activity you are reporting. Information you should give, if known, includes:  what the criminal activity is, who the suspects are, when and where the criminal activity occurred, and any other information that you think would be helpful to law enforcement.

The Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline is available so that crime tips can be reported anonymously. The Mobridge Police Department recognizes two levels of anonymity. The first level being complete anonymity, where a caller does not reveal any information about him/herself. The second level being public anonymity, where a caller provides their name and contact information for the officers working on the case, but that person's name and other information is not given to any public sources outside the criminal justice system.

The Mobridge Police Department honors caller anonymity on calls placed to the Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline, but callers should be aware that information given anonymously can not always be acted upon by law enforcement. This is because law requires law enforcement to have probable cause or reasonable suspicion, depending on circumstances, in order to act upon a report of criminal activity. Again, your anonymity will be honored if you chose to remain completely anonymous, but we encourage callers to give their contact information to assist officers in meeting the requirements to act on your information.

The Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline is available to the public twenty-four hours a day and is a cooperative public service effort between the Mobridge Police Department and West River Telecom.

The Mobridge Police Department thanks West River Telecom for sponsoring phone service for the Mobridge Crime Stoppers Hotline.


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